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Dubizzle for job searching. This company is a part of MIH Holdings Limited. Operated from 20025 and is a holding company. On the other hand, working extensively through its subsidiaries. Mainly in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

One of the fastest growing Internet subscriber platforms. And one of the most popular in Dubai. Job seekers who will sign up. Definitely find good companies to work with. Because they provide entertainment interactive and e-commerce services to new Dubai subscribers.

Most of the people who are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Using daily the job site. Also, our company can see other emirates users. For example Sharjah job seekers. Although this may be true, helping expats is this company mission.

On the other hand, they are mobile ready. For example, with the dubizzle app, you can search employment. Since you will have an account with them. You can quickly drop resume to hiring managers. As job seekers. Especially in UAE. The new account should be created.


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